On this site, I would like to create a personal library of agile project management approaches & tools, to have a kind of a self-made source of information at hand and I would also share my insights with people, who are interested in this subject.

The focus will be on remote agile projects because, imho, remote will be become more and more common in our globalizing and agilizing world.

During our worldwide crisis, we have learned about how flexible motivated teams can work together. Even if there is a distance.

There’s a need for a good preparation to enable a stable structure, when teams are spread overdifferent areas. Also to make things more convenient and comfortable for the team.

This given, makes working more comfortable, easier, swifter and… last bit absolutely not least… more fun.

Another importance is a save, esteeming and valuing working environment with all the teammates. , to be able to achieve customer success. As one can read more often nowadays:

Culture eats strategy for breakfast (yummy 😉 )

These are the topics which I write about on my blog already. This site will be more about structures and organization.

This site will not be an alternative to my blog https://robvanlinda.de . Therefore, no comments can be left on the posts.

I think it would be really cool if one or the other visitor could benefit from the one or the other text 🙂

Best regards from Berlin,