The use of Youtube on this Website

Your data security is of utmost importance to me. Therefore I’ve spent a lot of time and I’ve done a lot of effort, to make this website as complient as possible to the GDPR/DSGVO.

We all are aware of the fact, that Google®, YouTube®, Facebook® (Instagram®) and Twitter® are collecting our data. Even by just visiting a website, those social platforms grab our IP adress and monitor our journey through the internet. Those information for marketing purposes.

A video from YouTube®, which is embedded in a Website, shows a preview image. Those images are stored on  YouTube’s servers. Anoter site-to-server connection.

To prevent my visitors from sending information and being “followed”,  I’ve done some extensive research to find a WordPress®  solution and I’ve found one.

The WordPress® extension saves the preview image on the server where my site is hosted. So there is absolutely no connection with the server from YouTube® (Google®). The connection to the server will start AFTER you have clicked the play button (which is part of the theme I use and not from YouTube®) . So it needs and active click from your side, to connect to YouTube®.

Have a look at the image below,tosee how it works.

Have a look at the right side of the image This part of the brwoser is for developers and designers. This part helps me modifying  the design, to make it according to my individual design identity.

In the area with the red border,you can see the location of the background image (the image, which is shown as a preview of the video).

The URL (website adress) starts with the URL of my site “ This shows that the source of the image is not the server from YouTube®, but from the server on which my site is located.

Underneath you can see the image opened ina new browser tab

This video is DSGVO compliant, no data will be forwarded to Youtube (Google), untill you click the play button. By doing this, you agree to the terms of YoTube (Google) . The preview image is stored on the local server and therefore has no connection to external ones. More information about YouTube Videos on this site can be found here.

Be assured, that I do anything to make sure, that you’re save on my website.